Apologies for lack of updates recently. Have been working hard on the Chin of Britain album which I’m pleased to say is now finished and sounds amazing. I’ve also done a remix for one of the songs. Watch this space for a sneak preview of the album.

I’ve also continued work with Cheryl Freedman and we’re onto the fourth song now. This is all sounding great in an electro-pop with guitars type way and will hopefully see the light of day soon.

Firestations (one of my bands) played at the Union Chapel (Islington, London) recently and I’m going to put together a live EP for that, as the acoustics in there are second to none. (Mental note: must record in churches in future). Have also been writing new material for a third Firestations EP which should be out before the birthday of the Lord.

I’ve got some business cards now and am going to start a Facebook group. Globalise my potential and maximise profit – otherwise known as making some more good music!