I won’t apologise this time, although I know that so many people are awaiting my contemporary nuggets of pure genius!

It looks like 2013 is starting as 2012 ended: full of musical projects. 

Me and a pal are currently setting up a DIY label called Waltz Time Records (http://waltztimerecords.com/). This will be a home for Firestations, Bit Cloudy and Chin of Britain and will hopefully gather momentum as the year moves on. Currently getting involved in sorting out some online distribution as most of the music is currently bandcamp bound. Exciting, daunting and also just a bloody good laugh.

Speaking of Bit Cloudy, I’ve recently mastered his debut LP, which is a beautiful mishmash of ambient electronica and erotic breathing (well definitely the first part). http://bitcloudy.bandcamp.com/

New songs are coming thick and fast for Dark Captain and there’s a concerted move towards a more stripped back folk sound. A new album will be out this year. We played a gig as a duo before xmas at the Lamb in Islington and it looked like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mbmu66E4iU

As for Firestations, we couldn’t quite fulfil our promise of four EPs in one year. I didn’t comprehend the level of effort and efficiency this would entail, not to mention the fact that it would’ve been 16 whole songs! So, as an alternative we’ll be putting out a download single later in the month with an album to follow later in the year.

Happy New Musical Year!